Flashback: It was March, 1999. I actually saw the first Matrix movie when an Australian friend of my mothers was visiting. A particularly knowledgeable real estate market expert was visiting my family in NYC. SHe had been to several real estate conventions during her stay in the US and now was just taking in the sights of NYC. She was a big fan of the The Wachowskis brothers’ films and was just as excited as I was that she could attend the opening of The Matrix. We has a photograph of all of us the next day sporting those iconic dark glasses that are even now referred to as Matrix sunglasses. Faye recently e mailed me a picture of her grandchild all wearing Matrix style sunglasses. It really cracked me up.

The original Matrix movie was great as a stand alone movie. I think the addition of 2 more movies was unnecessary. I think the second and third matrix movie are ok too, but the original id definitely the best of the three. In it we find a simple computer programmer working for a large corporation. His name is not important because he has chosen another, Neo. He feels like most of us feel, that there may be more to life than just what we see around us and are programmed to believe. In his spare time Neo moonlights as a computer hacker and he also is searching for a very secretive person named Morpheus. He believes that this man can help him open doors which he can only imagine.

Eventually he is contacted by a group of people that bring him to Morpheus, who asks Neo to make a choice. He asks him to decide how much information he is prepared for. He asks if he is ready to wake up from the dream he has been having his entire life and see the world as it really is. Neo decides he wants to know the truth and proceeds to take a pill which he is told will hasten the experience. He soon begins to see things which can not be possible and starts to have sensations which are totally alien to him. Eventually his conscious mind awakens in another body, some place he does not recognize. He is in some sort of a stasis liquid with all sorts of wires connected to his body.

Immediately a flying robot comes over and begins disconnecting him from the machine. He can not fully understand what is going on and when he looks around he sees thousands of pods just like the one he is coming out of. Suddenly the bottom drops out from under him and he starts to free fall. Once he gets to the bottom he is picked up by a craft that contains the crew he was just talking with when he took the pill. Not knowing what was happening and from sheer exhaustion he passes out. It it is not until he wakes up till he finds out the real truth.

Once he learns of the struggle mankind is taking part in, he decides to join the fight against the machines which were revolting against our rule. The very machines we created had turned on us and were using us like batteries. The resistance was trying their best to free mankind from their bonds but they needed the chosen one of the prophecy to help end the oppression. Turns out Neo is the ONE and he opens up a whole can of whoop ass!

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